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Not a bird. Not a plane. Just a drone.

Friday morning came a little too fast for me this week. Working in IT, I’m used to being jolted out of bed at all hours, but Friday wasn’t due to one of my average nighttime interruptions.

This time I was startled out of bed around 2 AM, awakened by the sound of a whirring engine in the sky.

Alarmed, I popped up and saw something like a small UFO staring back at me from outside of our window, on the SECOND floor!

I squinted trying to make sense of what I was seeing (albeit without glasses or contacts) hovering there, bright red lights and all.

I fumbled my way out of bed (our new bed that feels like it is about 3 feet further from the ground than the platform bed we recently replaced) trying not to break my legs, awkwardly leaping from bed to floor.

As I darted for my phone and stumbled for a better look, I glanced back, and there on the center of the bed, our cat stood wide-eyed and paralyzed, validating that this wasn’t just a bad dream or some figment of my imagination.

Upon closer inspection I quickly realized I was staring smack dab at a personal drone! Holy moly, someone was hovering around my apartment with a friggin’ DRONE at 2 AM!

Still discombobulated, I teetered between dialing 911 and the non-emergency police line, pondering the potential for my 911 call, “I’d like to report a drone outside my bedroom window,” to go viral.

Before I had a chance to finalize my decision, I heard my husband call out from in front of the living room window, “I wondered if that would wake you.”

Seriously? There’s a DRONE hovering outside my bedroom. Yep, it woke me.

Me, “Perhaps we should call the apartment security?”

My husband, geeking out over the drone, points down at the crowd of Apple fan boys (and girls) lining up the block for the iPhone 6s Launch Day.

Well, crud.

For anyone staying anywhere near an Apple Store on Launch Day eve, you should expect people lining up overnight throughout the neighborhood to secure their piece of the next big thing. Apparently, you should also expect drones, too!

Not a bird. Not a plane. Just a drone.


Some harmless guy trying to gain overnight footage of his fellow Apple fanatics camped out around the block for their new iPhone!

So we watched the drone land, (Security grounded it for the evening) and then I retreated back to bed thinking, “Thanks for the adrenaline boost, buddy. I sure hope you didn’t Periscope any footage of this crazy redhead flailing around her room at 2 AM!!”


Published by Nicole

My name is Nicole, also known as Nickle Pickle. I’m a pudgy little red-head with a knack for landing myself in compromising situations, largely due to my endless wardrobe malfunctions, general dorkiness and complete lack of grace which makes me, well, me.

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