2017 – Day 1 Recap

I had this crazy notion to kick off the new year a little healthier so I prepared all three meals at home today. Sometimes I think the gods are against me on this one. Healthier, maybe. Safer, not so much.

I made a frittata for breakfast, and quickly noticed my mistake using a stainless steel pan instead of the non-stick variety. So I grabbed another pan for transfer (once it was set), hustled it into the oven, set the timer, and moved on to organize the bathroom vanity because that’s the kind of stuff New Year’s Day is for, right?

Within minutes, I smelled something burning and thought to myself, I’m sure glad I transferred that over to another pan because it it smells awful in here already. Imagine if I’d left it to char in that stainless pan. Whew!

Little did I realize, I’d left a tea towel on the hot stove and it caught fire as soon as I left the room. When I sauntered back to the kitchen (secretly praising myself on my early morning accomplishments), I found the “Merry Christmas” towel soaking in the sink, the doors and windows open, and a couple fans blowing around the room.

My husband, sweating and panting from his speedy efforts to dismantle the smoke detectors and douse the flames (before I returned to check the frittata’s progress), paused the tv and casually mentioned, “The towel caught fire” in case I wondered. (He’s so used to me by now, he just shakes his head and hopes for the best most days)


Lunch was pretty uneventful, but dinner was not without injury.

Enamored with my new WonderVeg Spiralizer, I planned to make my own deconstructed eggplant parmesan tonight (future recipe to follow), but I didn’t realize the eggplant was too soft and seedy for the spiralizer to do it’s thing.

After several failed attempts to noodle my eggplant, I switched to the ol’ mandolin slicer. (One of my most feared appliances, and an accident waiting to happen).

Of course, just a couple swipes in, I caught my thumb on the blade. Sigh.

So I quickly ran triage on my thumb, and then finished making the noodles. Luckily, the food wasn’t tainted, and it was only a band-aid level injury when all was said and done (so I’ll live to cook another meal).

Here’s to healthier habits and hopefully surviving 2017 in one piece!

Published by Nicole

My name is Nicole, also known as Nickle Pickle. I’m a pudgy little red-head with a knack for landing myself in compromising situations, largely due to my endless wardrobe malfunctions, general dorkiness and complete lack of grace which makes me, well, me.

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