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Witness down.

After several weeks of burning the midnight (and weekend) oil to complete a system upgrade, my boss generously gave me a comp day last week. The timing couldn’t be better since I promised a friend some much-needed moral support as the witness in her final divorce hearing (which, sadly, happened to fall only a few days before Christmas and onContinue reading “Witness down.”

Old Shoes Aren’t Made for Walking!

Not sure why I feel compelled to start every Nickle’s Pickles post with “True story…” but I seriously couldn’t make this stuff up! So last Thursday morning I’m standing in one of our director’s offices chatting away about something or other when I felt a slight shift under my feet (coupled with a sense that IContinue reading “Old Shoes Aren’t Made for Walking!”

Wine & Pavement: The Perfect Pair (said no one ever)

Working in IT it is not unusual to spend days on end sequestered in a conference room with a project team and/or vendors. Such was the case for me and my team when we spent a week together with vendors in a dingy old room off the beaten path from our normal cubicle farm digs. WeContinue reading “Wine & Pavement: The Perfect Pair (said no one ever)”

Not a bird. Not a plane. Just a drone.

Friday morning came a little too fast for me this week. Working in IT, I’m used to being jolted out of bed at all hours, but Friday wasn’t due to one of my average nighttime interruptions. This time I was startled out of bed around 2 AM, awakened by the sound of a whirring engineContinue reading “Not a bird. Not a plane. Just a drone.”

Nickle Pickle’s Night at the Museum

Ever wonder what it’s really like to wander the deserted halls and dimly lit displays of a museum at night, or secretly wish you were Ben Stiller’s bumbling night watchman character, Larry, from The Night at the Museum movies? Well, I’ve always had an overactive imagination and a sense of childhood  wonderment inside of me,Continue reading “Nickle Pickle’s Night at the Museum”

Workplace Woes: My Great Cubicle Farm Collision

I work in a large warehouse type building that was converted (mostly) into office space many years ago. There are very few windows and little visibility to the outside world. The overall environment is commonly known in the industry as the Cubicle Farm.   Cubicle Farm [kyoo-bi-kuh l] [fahrm] A vast expanse of contemporary officeContinue reading “Workplace Woes: My Great Cubicle Farm Collision”

Nickle Pickle Goes Blueberry Picking

Earlier this month, my husband and I had the awesome opportunity to attend a blueberry picking party at Voytko Farms. The event, Pick. Eat. Repeat. A blueberry picking party, was presented by The Agrarian Collective in collaboration with Edible Cleveland, as part of a series of workshops called Edible Thursdays. Each workshop costs $45 aContinue reading “Nickle Pickle Goes Blueberry Picking”

Me, My First Cavity , & Liberty!

My sister was the queen of sweets growing up. So much so that I didn’t know cereals like Count Chocula and Frankenberry had marshmallows until college (when my sister wasn’t around to help unpack the groceries). While I thought she was eagerly searching for the prize in every box, she was actually sifting through theContinue reading “Me, My First Cavity , & Liberty!”