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Double-sided Deadbolt Dilemma

Shortly after college, I rented the first floor unit of a beautiful old duplex built in 1920. I loved living there, but one of my biggest pet peeves was that it had these crazy double-sided deadbolts on the front and rear doors that required a key on BOTH sides. I faced the same odds ofContinue reading “Double-sided Deadbolt Dilemma”


My Pretty Little Easter Mullet

One of my fondest childhood memories is coloring Easter eggs with my sister and grandpa every year. My grandpa was a large burly man who spoke with a thick German accent. So thick, I barely understood but every third word he said. And, like it was his uniform, he sported plaid shorts, black dress socksContinue reading “My Pretty Little Easter Mullet”

Nickle Pickle: What’s in a Name?

Although I am a true pickle connoisseur, (my husband even gifted me The Pickle of the Month Club once), I didn’t get my nickname solely from indulging in those crunchy little bites of happiness. I always thought my nickname, Nickle Pickle, originated from me being a child incapable of sounding out Nicole, and instead runningContinue reading “Nickle Pickle: What’s in a Name?”